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Danny MAlin

Danny MAlin, a studied actor at various institutions in Montreal, LA, and NYC, grew up playing and winning many championships in baseball and hockey. He took his leadership skills and eased his way into Directing, having created more than 200 original works since 2010. After having traveled New Zealand for three months in 2014-2015, he was inspired to write a comedy emphasizing the Kiwi enthusiastic expression ‘Sweet As!’, meaning sweet or awesome.
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Jonathan Dubsky

An award winning director, actor, writer and cinematographer from Montreal, now residing in Toronto. He found acting at a young age but only started falling in love with the craft in his late teens. After graduating from the Theatre program at John Abbott College and then continuing his studies in Film Production at Concordia University in Montreal, Jonathan began working both in front and behind the camera professionally. Jonathan made his television debut on the YTV show, “Prank Patrol” and has been fortunate to work on several others shows, including Incendo’s “Ring of Deceit”, Canadian series, “18 to Life”, TV movie, “Cyberbully”, has done television and radio commercial work and can been seen on the silver screen in such films as ”Polytechnique” (2009), ”The Factory” (2011), “Beastly” (2011), “Warm Bodies” (2013) and the film "Pawn Sacrifice" (2015) being released later this year.

As a filmmaker, Jonathan has directed several short films, including "All For Davey", which won 'Best Ensemble' at the Toronto 48h Film Festival, "Mars Is Laughing at Us", an official selection at Reel World 2014, the feature length film "Les Epouvantails" and a web series, "Cub3d" that received various media attention and is currently in development for television. One of his most recent projects, a short film entitled “Nobody”, received the Cayle Chernin Award to support its production.
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Evalina Turpin

A Montreal based actress who started in the business as a stunt performer, and has moved on to acting a multitude of different roles. Now she is writing and directing her own comedic show.
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Spiro Malandrakis

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Spiro Malandrakis began acting at the age of 15. After his first leading role and television debut on MTV’s series Undressed in 1999, Spiro landed a supporting role in Going for Broke where he acted alongside Ellen Page and Delta Burke.

Before playing the role of Oliver in the entertaining and suspenseful film the Wild Hunt, Spiro honed his theatrical talent by working on various plays, such as Vittorio Rossi’s Little Blood Brother, working on local projects and making a name for himself in Montreal’s voice talent community.

He can currently be seen staring alongside Matthew Modine (The Dark Knight Rises), as police cadet Tim Davis, in Category 8, an end-of-the world mini-series thriller, presently airing on Space Channel.

Premiering on CBC this February, he can be seen in a recurring role as Nixon on Syfy’s highly anticipated series Ascension staring Tricia Helfner (Battlestar Galactica). He plays the role of Webber in The Fixer alongside Eric Dane (Grey’s Anatomy), which will air later this year.
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Christina Kelly

Christina spent her childhood enthralled by the emotional power and visceral medium of communication in film and television. However, her dream of becoming an extraordinary storyteller through acting continually fell by the wayside, leaving her more anxious than ever to pursue her dream. No matter how hard she studied film production or tried to convince herself otherwise, all she wanted to do was act. Christina wanted to be in front of the camera, she wanted to perform, and she wanted to tell stories.

After completing her BA in Communication Studies at Concordia University, Christina joined forces with Straeon Acting Studios in 2013. She believes her experience behind the camera has greatly contributed to her growth and development as an actress. In 2014 she clinched her first actor role in the made for TV movie First Response, produced by Incendo Productions. She has since gone on to complete a number of short films and a web series, just recently booking her second actor role in a CBC TV series set for release later this year. Now living her dream, Christina could not be happier with her achievements thus far.
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Massimo’s performance is a blend of overblown confidence with a touching vulnerability, packed into highly amusing personal anecdotes. Massimo is all about making a personal connection with the audience through his unique style of storytelling. One reviewer described Massimo as, “Both physical and cerebral” and the Montreal Gazette said, “Massimo is, without question destined for the bigs.”

This Montreal native has performed around the globe in cities like London, England; Adelaide, Australia; and Edinburgh, Scotland. He has also performed in numerous comedy festivals including the world renowned Montreal Just for Laughs Festival. He has appeared in the festival three times, including the 2012 and 2011 Just for Laughs Festivals.

His television and film appearances include, The Comedy Network’s “Great Canadian Laugh Off”, Bite TV’s “Stand Up and Bite Me”, Spike TV’s comedy series “Blue Mountain State” and the 2014 blockbuster X-Men: Days Of Future Past. “Massimo comes across as a charming and charismatic comic with unadulterated loveliness at the very heart of his show”

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Katie Uhlmann

She was born and raised in Trenton, Ontario. She graduated with a drama degree from Queen’s University in 2009. While at Queen’s she performed in community theatre, and was also an on campus reporter for the university’s local TV show.
Since then Katie has gone on to be an actress, entertainment reporter, and all-round goofball. She has been in countless television shows, indie films and commercials. Katie has also started her own online entertainment network called “Katie Chats,” where she has completed over 3000 interviews with various filmmakers and celebrities including David Cronenberg, Gordon Lightfoot, and Shannon Tweed.

On December 2nd, "Kingdom Come," a feature film where Katie plays disturbed teenager Rachel O'Hara, was released across Canada. Katie also recently wrote and produced her first short film entitled "Pyramid Scream" which is currently being submitted to film festivals.
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Amanda Tilson
Assitant Director

She first discovered my passion for the film industry at the young age of 8. During this time she had the opportunity to work with incredibly talented people such as Shia LaBeouf, Nina Dobrev, Bill Paxton, Megan Park and Neve Campbell, to name a few. She would have to say that her favourite role was playing a young Neve Campbell in the TV movie "An Amish Murder". In the past, she had been told that she resembled her by a number of people so it was cool to finally portray a younger version of her! On top of this, she also had the opportunity to do her own stunts and run down a dirt road screaming her lungs out with fake blood dropping down her face.

Now, at 24, she is in the midst of planning her big move to Toronto in order to see what the city has to offer in terms of acting jobs! It has been her dream since she commenced to pursue this path full-time, so to say she is excited for the future would be an understatement! In the meantime she is testing the waters of the crew side of things, attempting to learn all she can about the industry.
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Eloise Bourbeau
Assistant make up and special effects

Suite à l’obtention d’un DEC en étude théâtrale profil interprétation en 2012, Éloïse Bourbeau s’inscrit au Collège Inter-Dec en maquillage. Que ce soit pour sa passion des arts plastiques, de la peinture, du théâtre, de la photographie, le maquillage est pour elle le meilleur moyen de combiner toutes ses passions artistiques. Elle est également comédienne et l’univers du théâtre, du cinéma et de la télévision la captive beaucoup. Après l’obtention de ses trois diplômes en maquillage au collège en 2014 (soit Maquillage Mode/Beauté, Maquillage technique de scènes et effets spéciaux et Classe des maîtres) elle étudie à l’université en cinéma dans le but d’élargir sa culture cinématographique. Elle consacre désormais tout son temps au métier de maquilleuse et de comédienne. Elle maquille pour divers évènements et divers projets; défilé de mode, courts-métrages, long-métrage, vidéoclips, shooting photo, photo casting, pochettes d’albums, etc.